Yaskawa Robotics RECUDER list (parts)

IR-MRO is a leading partner of Yaskawa Robotics in China. Our company specializes in system integration and accessory supply for various industrial robots. We offer high-quality products and excellent after-sales service, including control cabinets, teaching aids, CPU units, drive power supplies, servo motors, oil products, and other accessories. Our goal is to help our customers achieve optimal performance and efficiency with their robotic systems.

We have listed parts of the Yaskawa industrial robot reducers for your convenience. If you have any needs, you can directly contact us. Looking forward to working with you.


Manipulator EPX2700 HW0389760-A REDUCER
Manipulator EPX2700 HW0383528-A REDUCER
Manipulator PX2900 HW0380054-A REDUCER
Manipulator YR-CSL15-A20       HW0380024-F REDUCER
Manipulator PX1450 HW9482854-A REDUCER
Manipulator PX2050 HW9482854-C REDUCER
Manipulator EPX2800 HW0386187-A REDUCER
Manipulator PX1850 HW9482855-C REDUCER
Manipulator PX2850 HW0480040-A REDUCER
Manipulator PX2750 HW9482862-A REDUCER
Manipulator PX2750 HW9482864-A REDUCER
  PX2900 HPG-14A-11-F0-SP(HW0382229-A) REDUCER
  CSL2400D-3600 HW0280731-F REDUCER
  CSL15-1600 HW0380024-A REDUCER
  IA10 HW0380024-B REDUCER
  ES200N HW0380041-A REDUCER
  "CSL2500D-2400(L,R)" HW0380044-A REDUCER
    HW0380112-A REDUCER
  ES165-J02 HW0380112-F REDUCER
  CSP1500W HW0380146-F REDUCER
  PX2900 HW0380219-A REDUCER
  PX2900 HW0380220-A REDUCER
  PX800 HW0380247-A REDUCER
  PX800 HW0380248-A REDUCER
  PX800 HW0380249-A REDUCER
  PX800 HW0380250-A REDUCER
  PX800 HW0380251-A REDUCER
  CSL15 HW0380499-A REDUCER
  CSL1200S HW0380499-B REDUCER
  EA1400 HW0380504-A REDUCER
  EA1400 HW0380710-A REDUCER
  ES165, ES200 HW0380766-A REDUCER
  ES165N HW0380815-A REDUCER
    HW0380815-F REDUCER
  UP60EN HW0380817-A REDUCER
    HW0380819-A REDUCER
  CAS10D HW0380820-A REDUCER
  SIA10 HW0380821-A REDUCER
    HW0380850-F with Coating Reducer with coating
  ES165R HW0380936-A REDUCER
  CSL2000D-2400 HW0381148-A REDUCER
  CSL2000D-2400 HW0381150-A REDUCER
  CSL2000D-2400 HW0381151-A REDUCER
  (CR) CSL2500D(S) HW0381567-A REDUCER
  CSL2400D-1800 HW0382468-A REDUCER
  CSL2500D-1800 HW0382468-B REDUCER
  CSL2400D-2400 HW0382469-B REDUCER
  (CR) CSL2500D(S) HW0383527-F REDUCER
  CSL2400D HW0383528-F REDUCER
  (CR) CSL2400D(S)-3600 HW0383833-A REDUCER
  PX2050, PX1750 HW0384017-A REDUCER
  (CR) CSL2400D(S)-3600 HW0384197-A REDUCER
  CHL2400S-2700 HW0384198-A REDUCER
    HW0388993-A with Coating Reducer with coating
  PX2850, PX1450, PX1850 HW0485932-A REDUCER
  CSL15 HW9280613-F REDUCER
  ECH2501D HW9280707-F REDUCER
  "ES165N,HP165" HW9280739-A REDUCER
  SK16X HW9280740-A REDUCER
  (CR) CSL15D-AB00(U) HW9280741-A REDUCER
  PX2850-H HW9280782-A REDUCER
  CR50 HW9302875-1(HW9380623-A with Coating) Reducer with plating
  EP4000N HW9380736-A REDUCER
  EPH4000 HW9380850-A REDUCER
  EP4000N HW9380851-A REDUCER
  SK16X, SK16MX HW9380915-A REDUCER
  SK16X, SK16MX HW9380947-A REDUCER
  PX2850(H) HW9380958-A REDUCER
  EP4000N HW9380958-B REDUCER
  CSP1500W HW9380958-F REDUCER
  SK120, SK506 .etc HW9380962-A REDUCER
  SK300X HW9381000-A REDUCER
  UP350-500, SK300X HW9381006-C REDUCER
  SK300X HW9381007-B REDUCER
  EPH4000 HW9381007-C REDUCER
  EPH4000 HW9381008-A REDUCER
  EPH4000 HW9381009-A REDUCER
  UP200R, SP100X, SP100F HW9381021-A REDUCER
  PX2850(H) HW9381143-A REDUCER
  PX2850 HW9381144-A REDUCER
  EPL130 HW9381167-A REDUCER
  EH200 HW9381168-A REDUCER
  SP100X, SP100F HW9381221-A REDUCER
  UP200 HW9381260-A REDUCER
  EPH130 HW9381276-A REDUCER
  EH200 HW9381278-A REDUCER
  SV3X, SV3LX, PX800 HW9381283-A REDUCER
    HW9381388-F REDUCER
  MH50 HW9381400-B REDUCER
    HW9381442-G REDUCER
  CSL2200D-2650 HW9381442-H REDUCER
  IA10 HW9381442-I REDUCER
  ES200N HW9381442-J REDUCER
  "CSL2500D-2400(L,R)" HW9381465-F Reducer
    HW9381465-G REDUCER
  EPH4000 HW9381465-G with Coating Reducer with coating
    HW9381465-H REDUCER
  NX100 HW9381472-A REDUCER
  "UP130-A00(S),UP165-A40(S)" HW9381593-A REDUCER
  UP130R-A22 HW9381594-B REDUCER
  CSL10 HW9381607-F REDUCER
  CR50 HW9381634-A with Coating(HW9406330-1) Reducer with coating
  UP60EN HW9381636-F Reducer
    HW9381636-F with Coating Reducer with coating
  UP20, EA1900, CR20 HW9381641-A REDUCER
  ES165N HW9381648-A REDUCER
  PX2850, PX2900 HW9381670-B REDUCER
    HW9381670-F REDUCER
  CR130 HW9381670-F with Coating Reducer with coating
  ES165N HW9381671-F Reducer
    HW9381671-F with Coating Reducer with coating
  CR130 HW9381708-A REDUCER
  MS80 HW9381709-A REDUCER
  CSL15D HW9381710-A REDUCER
  MPD500-A02 HW9381711-A REDUCER
    HW9381712-A REDUCER
  CSL15-1400 HW9482854-F REDUCER
  UP60EN HW9482854-G REDUCER
  PX2850 HW9482862-B REDUCER
    HW0280642-A REDUCER
    HW1380059-A REDUCER
  NX HW0390009-F REDUCER
    HW0390008-F REDUCER
    HW0387816-A REDUCER
    HW0387763-F REDUCER
    HW1380229-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP120ED-A10 HW0389042-A REDUCER
    HW0384051-A REDUCER
    HW0380794-F with Coating Reducer with coating
Manipulator CR130-A10, CR165-A20 HW0380815-F with Coating Reducer with coating
    HW9380851-B REDUCER
    HW0382178-A REDUCER
    HW0380500-A REDUCER
    HW0385316-A REDUCER
    HW8380559-A REDUCER
    HW9381007-D REDUCER
Manipulator UP50SD-A00,A01 HW0388993-A REDUCER
    HW0385831-A REDUCER
    HW1482565-A Reduer
    GH24-21 REDUCER
    HW0385325-A REDUCER
    HW0385324-A Reducer
Manipulator ES80-A00,A01 HW0388993-D REDUCER
    HW0382468-C REDUCER
    HW9381442-F REDUCER
  EPH4000 HW0384526-A REDUCER
    HW9380043-A Reducer
Manipulator EP4000D-A00 HW0280730-A REDUCER
Manipulator EP4000D-A00 HW0280731-A REDUCER
Manipulator EP4000D-*A*,*B*,*B2 HW0281068-A REDUCER
Manipulator MPL160-A00,A04 HW0281280-A REDUCER
Manipulator MPL800-A00,A04,B00,B04 HW0281310-A REDUCER
Manipulator MA1400-A00,A01,A10,A11 HW0381646-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP350D-A00,A01 UP350D-A20,A21 HW0380393-A REDUCER
Manipulator EP4000D-A00 HW0380393-B REDUCER
Manipulator ES200N-A00,A01 HW0380780-A REDUCER
    HW0380793-A REDUCER
Manipulator ES280D-A10 HW0380793-B REDUCER
Manipulator MH215-A00,MH250-A00 HW0380794-A REDUCER
Manipulator EPH4000-*A*,*B*,*C* HW0380794-B REDUCER
Manipulator DX1350N-A00,A01 HW0380900-A REDUCER
Manipulator SDA20D/F-A00 HW0380902-A REDUCER
Manipulator DX1350N-A00,A01 HW0380903-A REDUCER
Manipulator DX1350N-A00,A01 HW0380904-A REDUCER
Manipulator EH130-A00,A03 HW0380936-C REDUCER
Manipulator EP4000D-A00 HW0381033-A REDUCER
Manipulator MPL160-A00,A04 HW0381150-C REDUCER
Manipulator MPL300-A00,A04 HW0381150-D REDUCER
Manipulator UPJ3D-T**,N** HW0381342-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP20D-A00,HP20F-A00 HW0381463-A REDUCER
Manipulator MA1800-A00,A01,B00 HW0381463-B REDUCER
Manipulator MA1400-A00,A01,A10,A11 HW0381645-A REDUCER
    HW9280729-B REDUCER
Manipulator HP3-A00,B00 HW0382060-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP3-A00,B00 HW0382061-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP3-A00,B00 HW0382062-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP3-A00,B00 HW0382063-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP3-A00,B00 HW0382064-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP3-A00,B00 HW0382065-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP350D-A30 HW0382138-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP20D-A00,HP20F-A00 HW0382140-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP20-A63 HW0382140-B REDUCER
Manipulator MH6-A00,A01,A30,A31、MH6F-A00,A01,A30,A31 HW0382277-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH6-A00,A01,A30,A31、MH6F-A00,A01,A30,A31 HW0382917-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP3L-A00,B00 HW0383024-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP3L-A00,B00 HW0383027-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH6S-C00,C01 HW0383361-A REDUCER
Manipulator MPL800-A00,A04,B00,B04 HW0383833-B REDUCER
    HW0384455-A REDUCER
Manipulator MA1800-A00,A01,B00 HW0384526-B REDUCER
Manipulator EPH130RLD-A00 HW0384781-A REDUCER
Manipulator MS120-A00 HW0384822-A REDUCER
    HW0384855-A REDUCER
Manipulator EPH130RLD-A00 HW0384952-A REDUCER
Manipulator ES80-A00,A01 HW0385484-A REDUCER
Manipulator EPH130D-A00 HW0385489-A Reduer
Manipulator EPH130D-A00 HW0385490-A Reduer Assy
Manipulator EPH130D-A00 HW0385491-A Reduer
Manipulator EH200-A10 HW0385491-B Reduer
Manipulator MA1800-A00,A01,B00 HW0385641-A REDUCER
    HW0386188-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP165D-A00,A01 HW0386260-A REDUCER
Manipulator EPH130RLD-A00 HW0386511-A REDUCER
Manipulator MA1400-A00,A01,A10,A11 HW0386621-B REDUCER
Manipulator MH50-A00 HW0387737-B REDUCER
Manipulator MH50-A00 HW0387753-A REDUCER
Manipulator MA1900-A00,A01,A10 HW0387753-B REDUCER
Manipulator MA1900-A00,A01,A10 HW0387753-C REDUCER
Manipulator MH50-A00 HW0387754-A REDUCER
Manipulator MA1400-A00,A01,A10,A11 HW0387809-A REDUCER
Manipulator   HW0387809-B REDUCER
Manipulator VA1400-A00,A01,A10,A11 HW0387811-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP165D-A00,A01 HW0388208-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP165D-A00,A01 HW0388209-A REDUCER
Manipulator MS80W-A00 HW0388209-B REDUCER
Manipulator MPK50-A00 HW0388209-C REDUCER
Manipulator ES200D-A00,A01 HW0388210-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH215-A00,MH250-A00 HW0388210-B REDUCER
Manipulator ES280D-A00,A01 HW0388210-C REDUCER
Manipulator ES200D-A00,A01 HW0388212-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH5-B00,C00,D00,E00 HW0388706-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH5L-B00,C00,D00,E00 HW0388706-B REDUCER
Manipulator MH5-B00,C00,D00,E00 HW0388707-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH5L-B00,C00,D00,E00 HW0388707-B REDUCER
Manipulator MH5-B00,C00,D00,E00 HW0388708-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH5-B00,C00,D00,E00 HW0388709-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH5-B00,C00,D00,E00 HW0388710-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH50-A00 HW0389043-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP165D-A00,A01 HW0389174-A REDUCER
Manipulator MS120-A00 HW0389174-B REDUCER
Manipulator MH5-B00,C00,D00,E00 HW0389176-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH5L-B00,C00,D00,E00 HW0389176-B REDUCER
Manipulator MPK2-A00 HW0389310-A REDUCER
Manipulator MPK2-A00 HW0389322-A REDUCER
Manipulator MPK2-A00 HW0389323-A REDUCER
    HW0389807-A REDUCER
Manipulator MPL800-A00,A04,B00,B04 HW0389883-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH215-A00,MH250-A00 HW0390045-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH215-A00,MH250-A00 HW0390046-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH215-A00,MH250-A00 HW0390047-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH165-A00,A01 HW0390225-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH215-A00,MH250-A00 HW0390225-B REDUCER
    HW1380153-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP60EN-A00,B00,A10,B10 HW9280651-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP60EN-A00,B00,A10,B10 HW9280679-A REDUCER
Manipulator UPJ3D-T**,N** HW9280729-A REDUCER
Manipulator MA1400-A00,A01,A10,A11 HW9280738-B REDUCER
Manipulator MPK50-A00 HW9280780-B REDUCER
Manipulator HP6S-A10,A11,B10 HW9280783-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP6S-A10,A11,B10 HW9280784-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP20-A00,A01,B00 HW9280880-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP20-A04 HW9280880-F REDUCER
Manipulator MA1900-A00,A01,A10 HW9280880-G REDUCER
Manipulator EH200 HW9380616-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH50 HW9380616-B REDUCER
Manipulator MH50-A10 HW9380623-A REDUCER
Manipulator EPH130RLD-A00 HW9380961-A REDUCER
Manipulator   HW9380961-C REDUCER
Manipulator HP165D-A00,A01 HW9380961-D REDUCER
Manipulator EPL160-A00,A10,B00,C00 HW9380961-E REDUCER
Manipulator MS120-A00 HW9380961-G REDUCER
Manipulator ES80-A00,A01 HW9381139-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP130RN-A2* HW9381220-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP130RN-A2* HW9381324-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP120ED-A10 HW9381388-A REDUCER
Manipulator EPH130RLD-A00 HW9381399-A REDUCER
Manipulator EPH130D-A00 HW9381400-E REDUCER
Manipulator EH130-A00,A03 HW9381442-A REDUCER
Manipulator HP165D-A00,A01 HW9381442-B REDUCER
    HW9381442-D REDUCER
    HW9381442-E REDUCER
Manipulator UP350D-A00,A01 UP350D-A20,A21 HW9381453-A REDUCER
Manipulator ES200D-A00,A01 HW9381453-B REDUCER
Manipulator MH50-A20,21 HW9381465-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH50-A00 HW9381465-B REDUCER
Manipulator EPL300-A00,A10,C00 HW9381465-C REDUCER
Manipulator UP60EN-A00,B00,A10,B10 HW9381501-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP350D-A10,A11 HW9381529-B REDUCER
Manipulator HP20D-A00,HP20F-A00 HW9381633-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP20MN-A00 HW9381634-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP50SD-A00,A01 HW9381636-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP50SD-A00,A01 HW9381640-A REDUCER
Manipulator DIA20-A00 HW9381641-B REDUCER
Manipulator HP20-A04 HW9381641-F REDUCER
Manipulator HP20-A04 HW9381641-G REDUCER
Manipulator UP50SD-A00,A01 HW9381670-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP50SD-A00,A01 HW9381671-A REDUCER
Manipulator UPJ3D-T**,N** HW9381719-A REDUCER
Manipulator UPJ3D-T**,N** HW9381720-A REDUCER
Manipulator UPJ3D-T**,N** HW9381726-A REDUCER
Manipulator UPJ3D-T**,N** HW9381727-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH6S-C00,C01 HW9381828-A REDUCER
    HW9280732-B Reducer
Scalar   R13B010001 REDUCER
Scalar   R13ZA00100600 REDUCER
Scalar   R13ZA00100700 REDUCER
Scalar   R13ZA00100800 REDUCER
  UP6.UP6R.UP6T, EA1400 HW9280738-A REDUCER
Manipulator MH5S-A00 HW1380238-A REDUCER
Manipulator MC2000-A00,A01 HW0388208-B REDUCER
Manipulator MC2000-A00,A01 HW0388209-E REDUCER
Manipulator MC2000-A00,A01 HW0389043-B REDUCER
Manipulator "UP130-A00(S),UP165-A40(S)" HW1380237-A REDUCER
Manipulator MPK2-B01,MPK2F-A00、A01、A10、A20 HW0390430-A REDUCER
    HW1381062-A REDUCER
    HW1380868-A REDUCER
Manipulator   Synxtreme FG-0 Grease (16kg)
    HW0390469-A REDUCER
    HW0390470-A REDUCER
    HW0390471-A REDUCER
    HW0390472-A REDUCER
  "UP130-A00(S),UP165-A40(S)" HW0382890-A Reducer
Manipulator CR130-A10, CR165-A20 HW1380173-A with Coating Reducer with coating
    HW9280613-A Reducer
    HW1380173-A Reducer
  UP130R-A22 HW9280631-A Reducer
  K150S(S) HW8381529-A REDUCER
    HW0386051-A REDUCER
    HW9380095-A REDUCER
  走行軸 HW0381425-A REDUCER
  "CDL100D,CDL3000S" HW0387292-F REDUCER
  CDL3000D-***(U2/U4) HW0387293-F REDUCER
    HW9381465-Z REDUCER
  S604(L): HW9380094-A REDUCER
    HW0386554-A REDUCER
    HW0381824-A REDUCER
    HW9380942-A REDUCER
Manipulator UP350D-A00,A01 UP350D-A20,A21 HW0389041-A REDUCER
    HW0389042-D REDUCER
    HW8380832-A REDUCER
    HW0388459-A REDUCER
    HW0388460-A REDUCER
  CSL600D HW0380798-A REDUCER
    HW0383076-A REDUCER
  CSL120D-A10 HW0383913-A REDUCER
    HW0380850-A REDUCER
  K506(S) HW9280539-A Reducer
    HW0388714-A REDUCER
  XRC 溶接指令-4M HW0484463-A Reducer
Manipulator CR130-A10 HW9381442-F with Coating Reducer with coating
    HW0380780-A with Coating Reducer with coating
    HW0386511-F Reducer
    HW0385336-A Reducer
    HW0385337-A Reducer
    HW0385338-A Reducer
    HW0385323-A Reducer
    HW9380961-H REDUCER
    HW9381353-A REDUCER
    HW0384510-A REDUCER
    HW9381529-C Reducer
    HW0387804-A Reducer
    HW0384780-A REDUCER
  DX100 HW0388523-A REDUCER
  PX2900 HW9380961-F REDUCER
    HW0387632-A REDUCER
    HW9381442-M REDUCER
Manipulator CR130-A10, CR165-A20 HW9380961-F with Coating Reducer with coating
  DX100 HW9381006-D REDUCER
  HP165 HW0380500-C REDUCER
  YR-MF218A-A00E HW1381691-A REDUCER
    HW0381150-E REDUCER
    HW9381220-B REDUCER
Manipulator CR130-A10, CR165-A20 HW9381388-F with Coating Reducer with coating
    HW9381285-A Reducer
    HS0382070-A Reducer
    HW0386094-A REDUCER
    HW0385185-A REDUCER
    HW1380594-A REDUCER
    HW0387753-E REDUCER
    HW0387753-D REDUCER
    HW9280880-H REDUCER
    HW0380901-A REDUCER
    HW0383230-A REDUCER
    HW0385640-A REDUCER
    HW9381641-D REDUCER
    HW9280632-A REDUCER
    HW9381284-A REDUCER
    HW0388152-A REDUCER
    HW0387737-A REDUCER
    HW0388209-D REDUCER
    HW9381501-B REDUCER
    HW0390225-D REDUCER
    HW0384510-B REDUCER
    HW0384248-A REDUCER
    HW9381465-F with Coating Reducer with coating
  CR165-A20 HW9381442-G with Coating Reducer with coating
    HW1302601-1 Reducer Base
    HW1302614-1 Reducer Base
Discontinued   HW0389042-E REDUCER
    HW1382279-A Reducer
    HW0387770-A REDUCER
    HW0384780-B REDUCER
    HW9381465-H with Coating Reducer with coating
    HW1381980-A Reducer
    HW1381981-A Reducer
    HW1381982-A Reducer
    HW1381983-A Reducer
    HW0390225-C REDUCER
    HW0381033-B REDUCER
  PX1850 HW9482855-B REDUCER
    HW9381453-G with Coating Reducer with coating
    HW1482657-A Reducer
    HW0388710-B REDUCER
    HW1380238-B REDUCER
    HW0390225-A with Coating Reducer with coating
    HW0388208-X REDUCER
    HW9381442-X REDUCER
    HW0388210-X REDUCER
    HW0388212-X REDUCER
    HW9381453-X REDUCER
    HW0380794-X REDUCER
    HW1380854-A REDUCER
  CSL2400D HW1381551-A REDUCER
  CSL2400D HW1381307-A REDUCER
    HW1381308-A REDUCER
  CSL1200 HW1380945-A REDUCER
  CSL2400D HW1381309-A REDUCER
    HW1380957-A REDUCER
    HW9380616-B with Coating Reducer with coating
    HW1382611-A REDUCER
    HW9381718-A REDUCER
    HW9381721-A REDUCER
    HW9381726-B REDUCER
    HW1382521-A Reducer
    HW1382522-A Reducer
    HW1382456-A Reducer
    HW1382458-A Reducer
    HW0390047-B Reducer
    HW1382455-C Reducer
    HW0388209-F Reducer
    HW0389174-C Reducer
    HW1382455-B Reducer
    HW0389174-Z REDUCER
    HW1382917-A REDUCER
    HW1382458-X REDUCER
    HW0390046-X REDUCER
    HW0390047-Y REDUCER
    HW9380961-Y REDUCER
    HW0388209-Z REDUCER
    HW1382456-X REDUCER
    HW1382455-Y REDUCER
    HW1382455-Z REDUCER
    HW0388208-Y REDUCER
    HW0387754-X REDUCER
    HW0389043-X REDUCER
    HW0387737-X REDUCER
    HW0386260-X REDUCER
    HW0387753-X REDUCER
    HW9381465-V REDUCER
    HW1382456-B REDUCER
    HW1382524-B REDUCER
    HW1382308-A REDUCER
    HW1382309-A REDUCER
  ECH80D-F10 HW1382310-A REDUCER
  SV3(L) HW1382340-A REDUCER
    HW1481333-A REDUCER
    HW1382965-A REDUCER
    HW1382966-A REDUCER
    HW1382967-A REDUCER
    HW1382968-A REDUCER
    HW1382969-A REDUCER
    HW1382970-A REDUCER
    HW1382971-A REDUCER
    HW1383182-A REDUCER
  HW0387752-A→HW1382898-A(IOM-2-DR-028) HW1382898-A REDUCER
    HW1382917-X REDUCER
    HW0390225-X REDUCER
    HW0388209-X REDUCER
    HW0384822-X REDUCER
    HW0389174-Y REDUCER
    HW0383606-A REDUCER
    HW0383607-A REDUCER
    HW1382715-A REDUCER
    HW1382809-A REDUCER
    HW1382810-A REDUCER
    HW0387753-G REDUCER
    HW0386621-C REDUCER
    HW9381442-Y REDUCER
    GH17-11-E-S-P REDUCER
    HW0280730-F Reducer
    HW0384780-F/HW0313473-1 Reducer with coating
    HW0380393-B/HW0313222-1 Reducer with coating
    HW0381033-A/HW0313228-1 Reducer with coating
    HW0389051-F/HW0313232-1 Reducer with coating
    HW0281310-F with Coating Reducer with Coating
    HW0384781-F Reducer
    HW1382898-B REDUCER
    HW1382898-X REDUCER
    HW0484607-A Reducer
  EH80 HW9381671-B REDUCER
  MS100 HW1382808-A REDUCER
    HW0387124-A REDUCER
  CSL15D  HW9482854-B REDUCER
    HW0281280-B Reducer
    HW1383139-A Reducer
    HW1383534-A Reducer
    HW1383535-A Reducer
  "UP350N-A10,A11,A12" HW0389041-B Reducer
    HW0388993-C Reducer
    HW1381350-A Reducer
    HW0171639-A Reducer
    HW0385316-B REDUCER
  CSL30D-A00  HW0384358-A Reducer
Manipulator EPH130RLD-A00 HW0389042-F T-AXIS REDUCER
MANIPULATOR HP20D-D0D HW9406331-3 Reducer for B axis
    HW9381400-F REDUCER
    HW0381795-A REDUCER
Discontinued EPX2900-A190 HW0382229-A Reducer for pump axis
NX100 EP4000N-X00 HW0380393-C REDUCER
    HW9381111-A REDUCER
DX100 MCL20-A00 HW9381633-A with coating Reducer with plating for B Axis
  EH200-A20 HW0385490-B REDUCER ASSY
  MPO0010/DX200 HW1372209-A Reducer unit for S axis
  MPO0010/DX200 HW1372210-A Reducer unit for L axis
DX200 YR-MPX2600-A00 HW1384511-A Reducer for S-axis
DX200 YR-MPX2600-A00 HW1383887-A Reducer for U-axis
NX100 NX100 HW9381453-G  


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